LB Industries, Inc.

Water and Wastewater Construction

About Us

Our Services

LB Industries, Inc. participates in the water treatment and transmission sector of the utility construction industry in the corridor between Eastern and Central Pennsylvania as well as Trenton and Ocean County, New Jersey.

Our Employees

With a skilled workforce having a combined construction experience of well over 100+ years, LB Industries, Inc. continues to develop itself into the premier niche contractor for water and wastewater treatment authorities in the aforementioned geographical area by utilizing the best and most efficient construction and engineering processes. LB Industries, Inc. employs people who are enthusiastic about their work, innovative in their approaches and unafraid to tackle the most difficult and challenging tasks. Our employees are our greatest and most valuable resource!

Our History

LB Industries, Inc. incorporated in 2002 is a Pennsylvania based S-Corporation located in Hellertown, PA providing construction and engineering services for water and wastewater treatment plants, pump stations, water storage facilities and other mechanical systems.